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As a construction professional you need to work closely with your entire team, from the design stage to project oversite and administration. Stay informed at all times with ready access to: CAD Documents, Specifications, Draw Requests, and more.

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Cloud File Management

ConstructionOnline makes it simple to upload and share plans and files online, allowing you and your team to access them anywhere, anytime, from any connected device.

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RFI Tracking

Get the job done right the first time with ConstructionOnline RFIs. Communication is key to making your business a success, and ConstructionOnline RFIs make communicating with your team a streamlined process.

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Redline Planroom

Whether you’re a natural artist or more of a paint-by-number type, Redline Planroom makes it easy to mark up your plans and drawings like a pro.

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World's Fastest Scheduling

New ConstructionOnline Scheduling brings the speed and power of advanced critical-path project scheduling to the web, allowing for seamless access from the field.

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GamePlan Task Lists

Designed to keep your project team on task and on target, ConstructionOnline GamePlan provides an automatic list of activities, meetings, scheduled project tasks, and todos delivered to your subs, suppliers, superintendents, and more.

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Daily Logging

Project Logging combines traditional work logging with pictures and video to create a more organized log that is easier to use with more essential information.

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Variation Management gives you the ability to quickly create variations complete with detailed descriptions, optional images, attachments, added costs, time, and more.

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Estimating & Job Costing

ConstructionOnline Estimating & Job Costing gives you the tools you need to create fast, accurate estimates and track your financial progress from start to finish.

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Trusted by 750,000+ Pros

Being a specialty contractor, we had our doubts that it would allow us to do what we need. I am happy to report that the UDA software has met and exceeded our expectations, allowing us a great range of flexibility. We are extremely impressed with the efficiencies and cost savings the software has allowed us to realize.

— Dmitri, No-DigTec

Product is detail oriented and perfectly suited to construction and project management activities.

— Adam, Plug Power, Inc.

I like how easy it was to start up with the program and how they had someone there to answer any questions i may have had when first starting this program to even now after a few months. Jump in and try it! Its been an awesome experience starting up something new with a program that has all the options you need in one space!

— Jordyn, 3Gen Cabinetry

This software will help you and your company look more professional and help instill better confidence of a job well done with the customer.

— Kyle Snyder, Bob Cornell Construction

Daily Logging

Log Any Activity.

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The product has helped our team to be completely mobile. Easy to use and getting subs to use is easy. The amount of information that you can provide your staff sub contractors and clients is endless.

— Craig, Integrity Pools

It’s a big plus for our customers to be able to log in and check their project information.

— Shamrock Renewable Energy Services

Change Orders

Turn headaches into headway.

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It makes your company look like you are the next step ahead of the game when your clients have their own log in and can look at the schedule or make selections. It even allows you to do change orders in half of the time that the conventional way takes.

— Total Quality Construction

If you are looking for software that will give you a great Punch List application that is very easy to use and presentable to customers, this is a perfect fit.

— Rebekah, Property Preservation Specialists, Inc.


Success Story: No-DigTec

No-DigTec is one of the leading specialists for trenchless pipe bursting services of both water and sewer lines in North Texas.

“We are extremely impressed with the efficiencies and cost savings the software has allowed us to realize. We already see a huge improvement in the interaction amongst all business units (field crews, project managers, office) with the changes we implemented.”

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Makes implementing the product a breeze compared to the competitors.

— Chris, VOCE Developments Corp

Estimates, change orders, and proposals are prepared using UDA and saves hours every day on average.

— Ben Corlett, Interior Demolition, Inc.

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“ConstructionOnline™ is detail oriented and perfectly suited to construction and project management.”

— Plug Power, Inc.