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A powerful, yet easy-to-use system to store, track & manage construction costs


Create estimates in minutes, not hours with intuitive costbook item entry.

Building estimates by hand can be a tedious, time-consuming process. With easy inline item entry, ConstructionOnline gives you the power to create comprehensive construction estimates in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Finding the right item is simple - just start typing and a filtered list of items from you costbooks will appear, along with related costs and classifications.


Centralize you company's costs to ensure the most accurate estimates possible.

Gettings the most up-to-date cost data into your estimates is key. That's why ConstructionOnline provides a centralized location to manage all of your company's costbooks. You can quickly see when each costbook was created, and who created it. You also have the option to archive costbooks, so outdated costs are not inadvertently inserted into estimates.


Build your costbooks your way with fully customizable folder structures.

Every construction firm likes to manage costs their own way, and ConstructionOnline gives you the power to do just that. With fully customizable costbooks featuring multiple grouping levels, you can organize your data in whatever way works best for you and your team.


Get cost data into the system quickly with pre-formatted Excel templates.

Have pre-existing cost data in Excel, or just prefer to build your costbooks that way? No problem! Simply download one of our pre-formatted Excel templates, insert your costs and re-upload to ConstuctionOnline.

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