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Project Scorecard

Track Performance with Project Scorecard.

The TrueVision Project Scorecard gives you and your team a holistic, company-wide view of projects' performance. See which jobs are under- or overperforming, track budgets & profitability, identify & mitigate risks and much more.

See which jobs are ahead or behind with schedule progress tracking.

TrueVision schedule progress tracking gives you a high-level view of how your projects are performing against expected completion dates. See at-a-glance how many workdays ahead or behind each job is, and how scheduled durations compare with actuals. For added flexibility, you can choose to enter schedule dates manually or pull real-time values from OnPlan™ Schedules in ConstructionOnline.

Get a firm grasp on financial health with over / under budget views.

TrueVision Project Scorecard leverages the power of the industry's most comprehensive estimating solution - OnCost Estimating - to provide a straightforward and easy-to-scan overview of your projects' financial health. Quickly see how budgets compare with actuals. Know which jobs are making you money - and which aren't. You'll be prepared to address current risks, and make better decisions for the future.

Project Scorecard
Track item statuses
Track item statuses
Detailed filter options
Detailed filter options

Predict headway (and headaches) with color-coded status indicators.

TrueVision Scorecard allows you to set custom thresholds for task completion, upcoming & overdue items, unresolved RFIs and much more. You and your team can address potential roadblocks before they lead to costly impacts in the future - and also recognize where jobs are running smoothly and according to plan.

Gain even more visibility and intuition with advanced filter options.

Get more insight out of your project data with powerful, customizable filter options. Track performance variation across regions, or drill down to specific key roles to understand how team members compare. Filters can also be combined for advanced reporting analyses and trend detection.

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Clarity Through Connection

TrueVision Business Intelligence gives you the power to get more out of your data by connecting the dots to provide more robust insights into project and team performance, company-wide.

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Resource Tracking

Optimize Team Efficiency with ResourceTrak.

Know exactly how well your project teams are being utilized, so you can adapt and avoid any potential overloading or conflicts in the future.

Forecast project resource availability, workload, conflicts and more.

TrueVision ResourceTrak provides a comprehensive overview of every team member's workload, completion rates, conflicts and availability - all pulled automatically from OnPlan scheduling. You can track resources across all projects company-wide, or view within specific schedules for granular information.

Track resources your way with conflict & availability thresholds.

Every employee's capability can vary, so ResourceTrak gives you the power to set company-wide or individual thresholds for resource conflicts and availability. Each contact can be assigned a maximum number of tasks and/or projects per day that will trigger conflicts or show them as available for more tasks.

TrueVision ResourceTrak
TrueVision ResourceTrak
Track availability and conflicts
Track availability and conflicts
Set conflict and availability thresholds
Set conflict and availability thresholds

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Over 950,000 pros trust ConstructionOnline to help run jobs more efficiently, get accurate financials, increase profits and reduce risks.

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Multi-Project Scheduling

TrueVision™ Scheduling - Advance with Agility.

New TrueVision Scheduling gives you the power to manage multiple schedules, all in the same view. Link milestones between schedules to account for any upstream delays or changes. Shift schedule start and end dates with a single drag.

Know where every project stands with
the company-wide schedule view.

The powerful TrueVision Scheduling view gives you an all-in-one overview of every project's schedule and how they relate to one another. See start and end dates, milestones, percent complete and more. Discover the power to schedule strategically with linkable milestones, draggable schedule bars and multiple view options.

Connect and conquer with
milestone predecessors.

TrueVision Scheduling features advanced multi-schedule linking options, including the ability to set predecessors relationships between milestones in multiple schedules. Any delays or changes in the parent schedules will automatically propagate downstream, reducing errors and miscommunication.

Multi-project scheduling
Multi-project scheduling
Connect milestones between schedules
Connect milestones between schedules
Track schedule baselines
Track schedule baselines

Only see what's relevant with flexible
filters and view settings.

TrueVision Scheduling features cutting-edge filtering and view options, so you can find what's important quickly. Gain more useful insight into which jobs are ahead or behind, where potential conflicts may arise, and when best to schedule future projects.

Identify schedule slippage with
advanced baseline tracking.

View and compare one or more baselines to determine exactly how far ahead or behind the current schedule is. Baseline bars are displayed in the schedule Gantt view for easy visual reference, and are clickable to show more detailed slippage information.


Financials & Profitability

Increase Visibility, Control Costs, & Predict Profits.

Centralized construction cost data, integrated accounting, and advanced predictive reporting combined to give you real-time visibility and insights.

Break down financial silos with
unified estimating, job costing and invoice data.

TrueVision financial insights are drawn from ConstructionOnline's cutting-edge, integrated platform. By seamlessly joining data from estimating, variation management, client selections, invoicing and more, TrueVision gives you the power to turn input into insights for smarter construction practices.

See a real-time review of financial health with Work-in-Progress Reporting.

TrueVision Work-in-Progress Reporting helps you get more out of your ConstructionOnline financial data, so you can see exactly where your jobs stand in real time. See which projects are running profitably, and which may require attention. You can also get a high-level understanding of how projects are performing company-wide.


Gain visual understanding with
comprehensive financial dashboards.

Cut through the clutter with easy-to-scan yet in-depth financial dashboards. Quickly reference project value by type, stage, region and more. See exactly how variations are affecting your bottom line and delaying your jobs. Know what percentage of invoices have been paid, and how much is still outstanding.

Predict income & expenditures over time with Cash Flow Reporting.

Forecast your company's finances with Cash Flow reporting. Based on expected completion dates, Cash Flow reporting pulls synchronized information between project estimates and schedules to show predicted inflow over time. Schedule draws, pay bills, and better manage your company's financial state.


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