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Intelligent Interchange.

Get one system to handle it all, including: integrated financial tools, schedules and calendars, dynamic takeoff, accounting integration, centralized communication and much more with ConstructionOnline.

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Envoy™ Chat

Conversations Clarified.

Instantly send messages, attach files, tag contacts and keep accurate records of communication with ConstructionOnline Envoy Chat.

Keep everyone on the same page with company-wide chats.

Give your team access to the latest project updates and discussions with instant company-wide communication. Envoy Chat lets you designate project channels, create direct chats, link to specific ConstructionOnline features, and attach files and photos for added clarity.

Find relevant discussions with focused project chat channels.

There's no need to search through all of your company's correspondence to find specific project discussions anymore. With project channels in Envoy Chat, you can quickly see what's being talked about for individual jobs.

Add context to your chats with file and photo attachments.

The devil's in the details. You can stimulate more useful and detailed discussions by attaching files and photos to your chats. Envoy gives you the power to pull attachments from your desktop, cloud storage, or ConstructionOnline itself for maximum flexibility.

Stay connected and communicating in the field with mobile app integration.

Envoy gives your team always-on communication with full-featured mobile integration. Field team users can send and receive messages from the jobsite, while those in the office can relay any critical information - helping avoid potential delays and miscommunication.


Chronicle Your Calls

Keep accurate, detailed Call Logs of your contact communication, all within ConstructionOnline. Record what was discussed and attach documentation for future reference. Easy contact and project filters make it snap to find log entries when necessary.

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Centralized Communication.

Stop digging through emails to find out who sent what. Communicate with clarity by using ConstructionOnline project messages.

Organize conversations by project for easy reference.

Make your life easier by saving hours of searching for project emails. ConstructionOnline gives you the power to store all of your project communication in a centralized database. Conversations between team members, subs, clients and more are all kept secure, organized and available for future reference.

Add detailed documentation to conversations with attachments.

Make sure all project stakeholders have the context they need to execute their responsibilities with precision. Show subs exactly where work needs to happen with photo markups. Attach specs to your messages to ensure materials and equipment are handled correctly the first time.

Securely store past correspondence with archived messages.

Once a job is closed and you no longer require ongoing communication for it, you can archive any related conversations. Doing so gives you and your team an uncluttered view of only active communication and keeps the focus on what's happening now.

Put it on paper with printed conversations.

For those users who prefer to have a hard copy of project correspondence, ConstructionOnline gives you the option to generate printed views for any conversation.


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Over 850,000 pros trust ConstructionOnline to help run jobs more efficiently, get accurate financials, increase profits and reduce risks.

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Inbound Emails

Streamlined Correspondence.

Receive and store external emails with ease. Designate approved senders who can send emails to dedicated ConstructionOnline project email addresses.

Receive emails to dedicated project email addresses.

Each of your jobs in ConstructionOnline will have its own dedicated email address, so you'll be able to have organized, searchable, and filterable records of your project correspondence. Any email attachments will also be included, so frustrating searches for documentation are a thing of the past.

Control access by approving inbound senders and setting permissions.

You can choose who on your team has inbound access by adjusting permissions and adding approved senders to your jobs. Each approved sender can have multiple associated emails, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Find the email you're looking for in a flash with easy Search and Filter options.

Need to find a specific email or attachment, but can't quite remember when it came in? No problem, you can search your emails for keywords, or filter the list by sender, related contact or date received.

Get more documentation by safely storing any email attachments.

The Inbound Emails tool for ConstructionOnline gives you the power to store any attachments from external emails coming into your projects for comprehensive documentation.

Top-rated tools trusted by over 850,000 pros.

The ConstructionOnline platform leads the construction software industry in functionality, value, customer support and more. Innovative builders around the world say our tools to help them build better, faster and smarter.


Intelligent Integration

ConstructionOnline gives you the power to integrate your existing email platforms so none of your critical project correspondence falls through the cracks.

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Instant Intelligence.

An easier way for you to share important project information with your entire team.

Quickly communicate with your entire team with project announcements.

Make sure your team is always up to speed with project announcements in ConstructionOnline. You can inform your team of any changes to the schedule, upcoming deadlines, jobsite instructions and much more, all with the click of a button.

Send announcement emails to ensure everyone is informed.

In addition to posting announcements within ConstructionOnline, you also have the option to send emails to whomever you choose from the recipient list, ensuring that critical, up-to-date project info is broadcast and received.


TeamLink™ Logins

Keep Subs & Suppliers On Track.

Subcontractors and suppliers stay up-to-date and informed with easy-to-use TeamLink Logins.

Give your subs and suppliers the info they need with TeamLink Logins.

TeamLink Logins provide your field teams with a centralized location for all the latest project information, documents, photos, schedules and more. Everyone stays up-to-date and on target with a personalized, easy-to-read interface showing only what's relevant to each sub and supplier.

Control what TeamLink users can see with detailed permission settings.

Not everyone on the team needs to have access to all portions of the project data, documents and tasks. Control what's visible to TeamLink users - and what kind of actions they can perform in your jobs - with detailed, granular permission settings.

Keep the focus on what's important with a personalized interface.

Clear communication is key to project success. In the TeamLink interface, subs and suppliers will only see the tasks and events they've been assigned to - giving them a focused view of what needs to be accomplished and when it needs to be done.

Provide comprehensive, unified guidance with GamePlan Task Lists.

When TeamLink users log in, they'll see their GamePlan Task List front and center. GamePlans provide a consolidated view of all the tasks and events the user is assigned to, all-in-one-place. TeamLink users can see what needs to be done today, next week, next month and more.


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